3 Must Try Caviar Dishes

Although caviar has always seemed to be the provenance of the very rich, this is not necessarily the case. Although fish eggs are an acquired taste, there are a number of interesting dishes that use caviar in interesting ways. So, no matter if you’re buying caviar online for use in one of these dishes, or you’re going to a restaurant that serves this delicacy, you will be sure to have your palate begging for more. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few inspired caviar dishes.

Caviar Sushi

Caviar is not a stranger to sushi and it is often paired with the dish to give it a bit of crunch, or an interesting texture. There are a number of ways in which you can try caviar with sushi. More often than not, it is used as a topping for sushi, with small bits of caviar often complimenting the sticky rice and pairing well with avocado and other fish, like salmon. There are some truly inspired sushi dishes that utilize caviar, as well. Take, for example, foie gras sushi, which uses caviar to great effect by rolling this buttery, duck laden roll in it.

Caviar Burger

No, this isn’t a patty that is constructed from caviar, but rather, a burger that utilizes caviar to great effect as a condiment. The next time you’re fixing yourself a juicy burger on the grill, consider foregoing the normal toppings of ketchup, mustard, or mayo, and consider using caviar. Caviar can give an added crunchy texture to a nice, juicy burger and it even pairs well with many of the cheeses that are often used in the construction of a solid burger, like Swiss or American.

Lox on Crepes

Although traditionally a sweet breakfast treat, crepes can be transformed into a rich, savory entree that is full of flavor and must be slowly savored. Take a bit of lox, cream cream cheese, and capers and add them to a crepe for a full bodied, salty flavor. Where does caviar come into the mix? It is recommended that you take a bit of caviar and combine it with wasabi to use as the topping, adding an element of heat and crunch to the mix.

Throughout the course of this brief guide, you have hopefully learned a bit about a few dishes that use caviar in unusual but delicious ways. Dig in!