4 Ways To Appease Omnivores At Your Vegetarian Wedding

Planning a wedding presents a myriad of choices from flowers to food. One of the most important decisions for your wedding will be what kind of food you will serve your guests. This can affect your venue, your budget, and the atmosphere of your reception. If you and your significant other are vegetarians and are planning to host a vegetarian wedding, you may come across some resistance. Many guests expect meat to be served at weddings, even if you and your partner do not eat it. If you are considering a fully vegetarian wedding reception, try these four tips for appeasing the omnivores on your guest list. 

Offer Choices 

Since weddings are usually catered events, guests know that they will not have a lot of choice when it comes to their meal. But most guests are used to the traditional choice between beef or chicken. This allows guests to feel like they have some say in their meal. 

If you are offering only vegetarian options, you should still consider offering 2-3 main dishes. This way everyone can select something they like and your guests still feel like they have some say in their meal.

Serve Something Hearty

One complaint many meat-eaters have about vegetarian food is that it is, “rabbit food,” consisting of light salads and raw vegetables. As a vegetarian, you know that this is a misconception. Vegetarian food can be complex, flavorful, and hearty. To impress your non-vegetarian friends, make sure you select main dishes that feel filling. A satisfying stew, stuffed peppers, or a vegetarian shepherd’s pie may go over better than a greens-based main dish. 

Refrain From Fancy Ingredients 

For you, tofu, tempeh and seitan may be everyday foods, but for many of your guests, they may be strange. For your main dish, skip the meat-substitutes and alternative proteins and select dishes centered around ingredients that everyone on your guest list will recognize. This will make your guests more comfortable about eating at your wedding. 

Skip the Main Course

If you want to avoid the question of a vegetarian meal altogether, you can opt to not serve a meal at your wedding reception. Many daytime or early evening receptions simply offer appetizers, coffee, and cake instead of a full sit-down meal. After the reception, guests can go to a restaurant and eat their food of choice. 

For more information, contact a wedding caterer in your area.